Safety of the student is extremely important for both Parents as well as school. Therefore Your ward will remain under strict vigilance of security staff and surveillance of CCTV Cameras within the campus . School will strive hard to put the ward in very disciplined And very hygienic environment

    A sport is an essential part of the schooling. It helps the student in making their career as Well as maintaining their physical fitness. Schooling is not completed without sports which Is an integral part of curriculum. School will make all efforts to create a very conductive Environment for sports to enable each & every child become part of that. Management top Priority will be to make a complete planning to create National heroes in the field of sports.

    Without computer we can’t imagine world today. We provide Modern Computer Laboratory With multimedia facility to enable students to meet out the Global requirement to build their Future accordingly.

    The state of art laboratories for earth, life Sciences, physics, chemistry have been designed to Support experimental learning. The analytical & numerical abilities, language and problem Solving skills are enhanced through these workhouses of experimentation.

    Books are the best friend of a person yet we see that many children are afraid of reading.Therefore We have designed and created our well equipped library in a very attractive way to give every child A more friendly and approachable feel. Here children love to spend time reading books on various Topics, thus improving their leaning and reading skills.

    The transportation of students is a quick and convenient due to bus with well planned routes.The School also plans to have GPS based school bus tracing and control system for safety of its Students and information to Parents.

  7. Play Ground
    The most sought after corporate trainer in the world is the playground. Here players are taught primary values and survival skills. Teamwork, fight fair, focus, consistency, strategy and most important of all – there is only one First Place.

    Our sporting faculty concentrates on these values while coaching the students in a variety of sports such as Football, Swimming, Tennis, and Cricket, Martial Arts etc.

  9. Situated in lush green and free from every type of pollution
  10. Modern infrastructure
  11. Advance computer lab with multimedia centre
  12. Ideal student & teacher Ratio
  13. Ultra modern teaching aids
  14. Smart classes to meet global requirement
  15. Highly qualified and experienced staff
  16. A lush green sports ground with required facilities
  17. Transportation from all corners of the city
  18. Well equipped science laboratory
  19. Ideal library for student to spend time for multi taste reading
  20. Splash pool for tiny tots